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We hear a lot about blockchain technology, and new ideas based on it are popping up all the time. One of them is Conshiptrack, a group of people who have been working on a software that tries to combine blockchain technology with container shipping since 2020. Its founder Emilio Bustamante told us that a few years ago he had an export and import company in Hamburg, which the issue of tracking their containers was quite difficult for different reasons and infrastructures in which sometimes was charged to obtain information or show the tracking of the container. Years later in Berlin with three people decided to start Conshiptrack a tracking system for containers in the decentralized Blockchain.

He is currently 100% dedicated to the idea where they are working on a platform uniting these two components, for that they have generated 500 million Tokens in smart contracts that will be assigned to containers

“Conshiptrack (CON) is a new generation application formulated on Blockchain technology. Its CON token works as a tracker by allocating a contract on the network for each particular container. With the help of API integrations, it aims to increase the tracking of containers worldwide and perceive global movement statistics.”

Blockchain technology has disrupted several sectors of our daily lives. In the case of shipping companies, a tremendous amount of paperwork arises while waiting for or shipping a container. Insurance company tracking numbers and bureaucracy make it impossible to materialize a tracking.
We contemplate the possibility of circumventing these inconveniences to meet our objectives and offer you tracking services.

Tracking through tokenization facilitates the tracking of ocean cargo, containers, mail/EMS and bill of lading with distinctive tracking solutions.
The Con token can be purchased in a 10-day pre-sale from 17.11 to 27.11 with a 20% Bonus on the pre-sale only.

A quite innovative idea for the Container market where the market in China alone was in 2019 of 243 million containers in motion.
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